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Uploaded By: Lil_prince, Aug 04

Don Q, Fabolous, & PnB Rock collaborate for a banger.

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Don Q has enrolled PnB Rock and
Fabolous for “ Pursuing These Bands,” the principal single off his Corner Stories Reloaded mixtape reissue.

The immaculate video from Gerard Victor, who deftly catches the hotshot way of life with needless shots insufficiently clad nectars and hundred dollar greenbacks.
Seeing that the track goes, everybody goes in, yet Fabolous takes the show on this one.

The veteran rapper has matured nimbly, refining his swagger like a fine wine. No doubt about it, in any case. Wear Q and PnB both hand over respectable endeavors, with the previous demonstrating precisely why you ought to be checking for his mixtape on August eleventh.