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Seeking to duplicate the achievement of his Ty Dolla $ign -featured single “blessings,” lecrae decides to return through today and roll out his follow up single referred to as “ I’ll Find You” providing california- primarily based singer/songwriter Tory kelly.

The single will possibly see life on lecrae’s coming near near eighth studio album, which is due out later this year. Like “advantages,” this has radio play written throughout it, and could certainly be received properly by means of the mainstream masses. Over frank e and danny majic’s head- knocking manufacturing, the reach data mc raps approximately dying, ache, worry, and bitterness.

Nicki Minaj Video Release Date “death’s knocking at the the front door,” he raps. “pain is creeping through the back / worry is crawling via the windows, expecting ’em to attack / they are saying, ‘don’t get bitter, get better’ / i’m running on
switchin’ them letters / however tell god i’ma want a whole lot of desire keeping it together.” with an angelic voice, tori gives the track’s infectious and optimistic refrain. “just combat a bit longer, my friend,” she sings. “it’s all really worth it in the end / while you purchased nobody to show to / maintain on, and that I’ll Find You.” lecrae defined the song’s average message.

“lifestyles is a treasured present,” he said. “a present we frequently take for granted until it’s miles threatened. Pain may be haunting reminder to appreciate each waking moment. So we wrote a song to proportion our desire inside the midst of that ache.”

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